Classroom Expectations
  • You come to class prepared. You have all books and implements needed for that class.
  • Your homework is completed. Any questions you didn't understand have been written out.
  • Your work gets corrected. Answers which needed to be fixed are identified, after correcting.
  • You respect the right of others to learn without distractions. When finished an assignment you are quiet until everyone is done.
  • Your notebook contains notes and tests which are up-to- date, in order, and neatly organized.
  • You use an agenda (Jr. High)
  • You are responsible for any work missed while absent. When you return from one or more days absence, you borrow and copy missed notes and practice questions. You ask for help with anything you don't understand.
  • You study for tests by doing questions, and asking for help as needed.

Classroom Rules:
  1. Math class begins the moment you walk in the door. Sit in your assigned seat, get your work out, and be ready to start when the teacher begins.
  2. It is your responsibility to bring the necessary materials with you to every class; you will not be allowed to return to your locker for forgotten items. In every class you will need your math notebook, textbook, a pencil, and a separate eraser.
  3. Your behaviour is expected to be such that the learning of those around you is not affected. This means you may not:
        - talk to others during a lesson
        - 'visit' with others while working
        - leave your seat without asking
  4. When working with a partner, it is expected that you will be working on math. Students who are unable to work effectively in groups will have to do the work by themselves.
  5. Food, gum, other snacks, or drinks are not allowed in the math classroom. Bottles of water are permitted.
  6. Do not bring your hat or outside coat into the classroom. Leave them in your locker.

Supplies Needed:
  • narrow 3-ring binder (not the large zippered kind) for math only, to be left in classroom
  • pencil
  • ruler, math set including protractor
  • calculator:
    Math 6: any kind
    Math 7: scientific, with normal entry (ask the teacher!)

    Pens and white-out may not be used in the math room